CC’s Wish List is a program of the Lavin Family Foundation.

The Lavin Family Foundation was created over 50 years ago by the family that founded the Alberto Culver Company to fund groups working in health care, education and programs designed to better family life. Today the Foundation, directed by the second and third family generations under the banner of “Innovative Philanthropy at Work”, has continued and deepened that focus while creating new, entrepreneurial initiatives that extend its passion and reach beyond traditional funding channels. Other examples of their innovative practices are exemplified through the CAST Water Safety Foundation and Enchanted Backpack.

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CAST Water Safety Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on water safety education and expanding access to the Infant Swimming Resource (ISR) method in the Chicagoland area. For over 50 years, ISR has been the method that gives infants and children the skills and confidence they need to float, swim and self-rescue. The mission of CAST Water Safety Foundation is to increase awareness of the proven results of ISR, create more access to ISR lessons, and empower all families to create strong water safety strategies.

To learn more about CAST Water Safety Foundation visit the website or contact Liz Huber, Founder & President, at liz@castwatersafety.org.

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Enchanted Backpack is a nonprofit organization

serving under-resourced elementary and middle schools throughout the greater Chicagoland area. Enchanted Backpack’s magical, mystical vans deliver a year’s worth of brand-new school supplies, books, art and athletic equipment, winter coats and much more to schools, supporting 20,000 students and 1,200 teachers annually. The organization’s additional programs, Adopt-A-School Program, Teacher Appreciation Program and Washer/Dryer Program, partner with teachers and administrators to provide a deeper impact in the school communities that the organization serves. 


To learn more about Enchanted Backpack visit the website or contact Hillary Fash, Director, at hfash@enchantedbackpack.org.

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