CC’s Wish List Provides In-Kind Donations in One of Two Ways:

CC’s “Wishes Granted”

CC’s Fulfillment of an Organization’s Wish List

Nonprofits that would like to submit their wish list to CC’s for fulfillment consideration are asked reach out to CC’s through the contact page. 


After receiving your request to connect, we will likely ask qualifying nonprofits to submit a one-page proposal including a short summary about the organization, who it serves and a list of needed items from the organization’s “wish list”.


It helps to have an understanding of quantities needed, if there is adequate storage space to for all the requested items, and if a direct shipment is possible. Some wish lists are large, some are small. In the case of a larger donation, it may require a truck to deliver it and a warehouse or larger size loading zone on the nonprofit’s end that is capable of receiving such deliveries.


Things to Keep in Mind:

Timing of Wish List Submissions: CC’s Wish List provides donations year-round. However, key buying times are in January and July. With that in mind, it is useful to receive submitted wish lists from nonprofits prior to January 1 and June 1.  


Follow-up Questions: Once a list is received, a CC’s Wish List team member may contact you with questions on the items you requested or delivery logistics. Please be prompt in responding.


Delivery logistics: When orders are placed, our team will communicate with you in regard to the timing of direct deliveries (which is done to the best of our ability based on notifications vendors try to provide to us). In some cases, we may need to schedule a time for the nonprofit to pick-up the items from our warehouse.


Gift Acknowledgement: After donated items have been received by the nonprofit, CC’s asks that our in-kind donation acknowledgment form is completed and sent back to us in a timely manner as receipt of the donation.

CC’s “Incredible Stuff – Going, Going, Gone”

During the year, CC’s Wish List will have items to distribute to pre-qualified nonprofits. We find extraordinary buys and look for good homes for many of these items. At such times, we will email a “Going, Going, Gone!” flyer featuring the items available to interested nonprofits on a rotating basis. Organizations respond by stating which item or items they are interested in and the desired quantity(ies). If granted, each organization

receiving merchandise is required to pick-up their reserved items from our warehouse  or other designated location at a mutually agreed-upon date and time. CC’s then emails an electronic in-kind receipt listing

the items donated for the nonprofit’s sign-off.


If interested in being added to CC’s “special offerings” invite list, please connect with us via our

contact page

CC's Wish List

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