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What Types of Items Are Given

You may be wondering what types of items are provided as gifts in-kind. The list below provides some examples of the most common items CC’s has donated to nonprofits.


Adult and Children’s Clothing

Tops and T-shirts – Jeans and Pants – Shorts

Dresses – Button-down Shirts – Slacks

Jackets - Sweatshirts and Sweatpants –

Bras and Underwear - Socks and Shoes

Winter Coats – Winter Boots - Hats and Gloves

School Supplies - Sports Balls – 

Sheet Sets – Blankets - Towels 


An Example of Giving with Impact
 CC's Wish List purchased children’s winter coats that normally retail for $85 for only $10/each. 

By purchasing and donating 1,250 coats - at a total cost of $12,500 - CC's Wish List provided 1,250 children with warm winter coats at far less than the retail price of $106,250.

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